News Flash!!! (As of November, 2009)

Yo fans!!!...Make sure you check out my 2 affiliated brother websites too(When you get a chance, they &!! has well over 200 different girls in the membership section, has well over a dozen of Jake Steed's original Brazilian DVD movies in the membership section and last but not least, has over 100 different DVD & AVI downloads, including Jake Steed's entire collection of his most famous movie series(Chillin' With Jake Steed's Freaks, Whoes & Flows and Litte White Chicks...Big Black Monster Dicks!), and all on DVD!!! Each individual site has a variety of girls from all of my classic movie series, as well as from my secret and personal treasure chests of never released whores and secret whore fucking footage that I had been saving for "a rainy day" to put out!!...And there's even more!!!...Aside from all of the stuff I've just mentioned, there are also some brand new, hot, sexy and fine, never before seen 'New Booty' bitches/whores too, who have definitely never ever been seen before in any of my movies because I just got done fuckin' 'em!!...Literally!!! I mean, they're just simply brand new!!! So check out my brother websites too and try to keep it in the family, because even though I ain't got no love for these whoes, y'all supporters are like family to me and I definitely got love for all of y'all!! One love and thanks for all of your support!! Peace out, Jake $teed...Check out these sites y'all, I doubt you'll be disappointed!!!

Jake $teed

Dysfunktional Family Features Jake Steed!!!

Eddie Griffith's Dysfunctional Family comedy special has an entire segment about an uncle of Eddie who's a big Jake Steed fan!! They even show some classic Freaks, Whoes & Flows clips.

Jake's Interview in Vibe Magazine

Jake's Latest & Greatest...REVIEWED!!

You guys have been waiting for this one. Jake has finally gotten together a compilation of all those tight beats & flows from his best selling series "Chillin' with Jake $teed's Freaks, Whoes & Flows." The Album features artist like Kokane, Bad Azz, Suga Free, Jew'ell, Suga T, Mr. X & Clue. Also featured are Pimpin' Young and Weasel Loc. The CD dropped on the scene in a big way! Jake $teed's Latest & Greatest got reviewed in Murder Dog the newest underground Hip-Hop Magazine. It was given a Big 4 Nuts on a scale of 1-5 Nuts (5 being the tightest). Jake got rated along with such veterans like DJ Quik who also carried 4 Nuts for his latest album. XXL Magazine did an excellent write up on Jake in their April issue touching on topics like why he started his own company. Spin just did a write-up on Jake & the new release of Jake's Latest & Greatest.